Artistica Bar Stools

Artistica bar stools are simply an ARTISTIC statement in style. Today when so many people are buying expensive liquor in stylish bottles, their homes are also equipped with state-of-the-art bar.

This is the place where most parties begin and continue into the early morning. This is the place where people relax and enjoy the company of others. These are all good reasons why Artistica bar stools can be that missing piece of the puzzle that will make your home bar the place everyone wants to be.

The Artistica Bar Stools Lineup

artistica bar stoolsThe Artistica line has many unique models to suit different decorative styles. All their collections have their own unique designs for bar stools. Some of the collections of Artistica are:

  • The Cape:  If your home is a marriage between the traditional and the modern and you love the richness of wood, then this is the style of bar stools for you. Made from rich natural wood with a traditional yet modern bar stool look, this Artistica bar stool will add new charm to your home.
  • The Bento:  Bring in the Eastern influence into your home with this bar stool. Its design is inspired from the Ming dynasty. Its black finish is easy to maintain while looking very elegant.
  • The Ellsworth II:  This is a traditional Italian design with beautiful motifs. It comes in a rich mahagony finish and will make you feel like you are sitting in Rome itself.
  • San Sebastian:  Despite being made of brass and metal, this bar stool is light and easy to handle. It will give your home a rustic and earthy feeling.
  • Paragon:  This is a completely contemporary design using wood and diamond cane weaving. It comes with a dark base and light cushions. Very comfortable and modern looking stools.
  • Winston:  These stools will give you the feel of being a baron of the by gone era. Its lovely cherry veneers with leather cushioning are a classic master piece.
  • Libretto:  Also composed of leather and wood but this one has a nail head trim to the leather seats and is made in a light brown, almost mustard colored leather.
  • Trevi:  Is one of the signature collections of Artistica. These Artistica bar stools have a metal italian design and a soft cushion. The metal is artistically woven into a scroll pattern.
  • Chanteuse Brie:  This comes in a creamy hand-painted brie. It gets its inspiration from the classic French Country.

These are just some of the options available in Artistica bar stools. There are many more options which you can choose from within the Artistica range.

Artistica bar stools began in a small Los Angeles workshop with a single hand crafted metal table. But today, they cater to a huge client base all over the world. They have over 500 designs, all of which are hand crafted and give your home a rich warm feel. They have a design to suit everyone’s need and demands.

If your Artistica pieces need repair and maintenance, the Artistica group sends you replacement pieces to repair your gorgeous Artistica pieces in ease. However, Artistica bar stools are built to last decades so the chance of ever having to repair them is slim.

You will never want to let go of your Artistica furniture collection. So go and take a look at some of the trusted online merchants or local dealers that sell Artistica bar stools and bring home style.