Wood Bar Stools

If you would like to highlight your kitchen and dining decor, wooden bar stools are a nice and elegant way to do just that. Wooden bar stools come in different styles, types of wood, and colors. Hopefully, the information presented below will help you weigh your choices.

Choosing the Perfect Set of Wood Bar Stools

First, the different types of wood that wooden bar stools are made from may be of particular concern to you. The elements that make each type of wood unique include strength, usability, and the overall look.

The extra features like color, seats, and armrests are also important for style. A footrest or even if the stool swivels or not can be important factors to the very selective shopper.

Strength is important if you want a long lasting, well-constructed product. It would not be a good thing to purchase fancy looking bar stools and a year later, the chair is broken or cracked.

wooden bar stools

Another important thing to remember is the investment in real wood allows you the option to resell the item if you ever need to upgrade or change your decor again.

In terms of usability, the way a wooden bar stool looks or how it will complete the decor of the dining room or area that it will be placed in is just as important. Special requirements like the request for real wood and not a simulated product is a very important point. The strength of the wood or material used to manufacture the stool is one of the most important factors.

Believe it or not, there are some bar stills still manufactured out of the same particle board material used to make those $30 desks from certain office supply stores.

You should always make sure any type of wooden bar stools you buy are actually made of solid wood. These solid wood Cappuccino bar stools from Coaster are a great example of stylish, durable bar stools, at an affordable price.

Different Types of Wooden Bar Stools

When looking at the different types of wood that you can choose from, the available choices include cherry, mahogany, oak and walnut. Cherry is definitely a beautiful choice. The rich color and texture make it one of the most premiere choices. The luxury of the color and the texture adds style and class to any room. Because this is a very sophisticated and elegant choice, it is not inexpensive.

Mahogany is another dark wood that offers quality, sophistication and elegance. However, one of the special features about mahogany is that not only is it very strong, it is also water resistant. With a long history that includes being used in shipbuilding since the 19th Century, the beauty of it is a great option for indoor or outdoor use. Mahogany is a high quality wood at an affordable price.

Oak is known for its strength and durability. This wood is available in two colors, red and white. It is used in the manufacturing of traditional bar stools and that also speaks to its history of use. What makes this choice attractive is that it is not only inexpensive, but it is also resilient.

Last, but certainly not least, wooden bar stools can be made of walnut. This set of Winsome Wood backless bar stools are a fantastic example of the beauty you can get with Walnut. They are one of the most popular backless bar stool options.

This wood offers the option of being unfinished so that you can stain it, paint it, or even leave it as is if that option suites your environment. However, leaving the stools unfinished can cause weathering over time since they are not protected.

After the choice is made for the wood that you would like for your wooden bar stools, then you can consider the other details. Whether or not you like a swivel, a footrest, cushioning, back or backless, and the color that you want on the stools, are also things to consider. Whatever your options, being well-informed helps you choose wooden bar stools that are suited for your style.