White Bar Stools

White bar stools give off a clean, clear and crisp impression. They are exactly what’s needed to lighten up your kitchen or dining room as opposed to black bar stools which tend to mellow things down.

If you are considering redecorating your home, you might find it difficult to select a suitable design since there are numerous styles to choose from. A few of these include rustic, contemporary, tropical style and French country.

Specifically, white bar stools easily affect a home’s overall appearance. Currently, there are numerous white bar stools which help add spice to a room’s look. Such stools are very popular because they are starkly different from a conventional chair.\

Plus, there are many bar stool designs which can be utilized to properly decorate a room as well as add space for seats. It is therefore important to select the proper material, design and color in order to complement the style of your home.

Contemporary Style

white bar stools

Many people elect the contemporary style such as the contemporary mid-back white bar stool from Flash Furniture. It is therefore common to see complementary white and black furniture. Take note that white bar stools are now the must-have furniture of the year.

White bar stools which are made from plastic appear modern and are suited in a contemporary-style room. They are also durable and are available in a slew of colors.

However, some people think that bar stools made of wood are unsightly but they actually make a great addition to certain areas, especially those with a simple traditional style. Wooden white bar stools can also be made from rattan or wicker, among others. These wood stools are also quite durable and their low cost make they easy to replace.

Other Styles of White Bar Stools

Metal white bar stools on the other hand, are usually used outdoors on the patio or around the pool. It is highly advisable to purchase wrought-iron white bar stools if you prefer to place stools outside because they are weather-resistant.

Upholstered white bar stools are considered more comfortable since they are covered in linen, vinyl or leather. They also provide an elegant and exquisite feel to any room.

Also, white bar stools could have a back or be backless and have a padded seat (or not). The many styles of padded seats include faux leather, leather, vinyl, faux swede, poly-cotton blends, cotton. A few of the fabric placed on white bar stools are easily machine washable and removable.

Other varieties include white swivel bar stools, round top, square top, pedestal, and even cottage style. Usually, white stools are a combination of metal and wood. A few pedestal white bar stools are ultra-modern and are made from acrylic.

For a very unusual style which you’ll either love or hate, the ItalModern Sasha Stool may be the look you’re after. White is a common color applied to the modern Euro Sally white bar stool. Its style is similar to that of a large egg cup. These stools are made of ABS plastic and can be used whether outdoors or indoors.

White bar stools are beautiful additions to any home bar, game room, kitchen or anywhere there are counters with seats. This classic color can easily go with any decor. Because of the huge price range of white bar stools, we always recommend to do your research online at a few of the larger merchants, write down prices, and take those notes to a local dealer where you can try out the models for yourself.