Western Bar Stools

western bar stoolsNo matter what the theme of your kitchen or entertaining area is, western bar stools can add character and charm to any room. However, western bar stools aren’t simply interesting to look at, these types of stools have many other positive attributes. Not only are western bar stools excellent decorative pieces, they also offer comfort and functionality.

Types of Western Bar Stools

Just like any other style of bar stool, western bar stools are available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you need a tall, dark stained bar stool or a short, light stained one, you can find the perfect western style bar stool to fit your needs. Furthermore, many different models of bar stools are available in unique western styling.

For example, luxurious lambskin bar stools are available in trendy western themes. Even better, they often sport carvings adding overall warmth and character to the stool. It does not matter how unique the design of your kitchen and or bar is; the perfect western themed bar stool is out there waiting for you.

In addition to different western themed styles, bar stools are also categorized according to their construction and method of operation. For example, some bar stools swivel, while others have casters that allow the occupant to be mobile. Furthermore, western bar stools are available in a variety of heights, often ranging from 24 to 48 inches.

In addition, there are numerous different sub-themes fo western bar stools. For example, Southwestern, Mexican, Azteca, and Colonial style are just a few of the popular sub-themes. Winsome Wood is one of the leading manufacturers in this category. Here’s a sample of one of their most popular western bar stools.


Bar stools in western theming are available in many different price ranges. As with most furniture, the price depends on the material the stool is made out of as well as the finish and other features such as padding and ability to swivel. When trying to find the best prices on western bar stools, the first steps are to consider your budget and your expectations of the bar stools. It can be vital to consider what features you want the stool to have, how many stools you will need, and how much you are willing to pay.

Where to Find Them

Once you have decided what type of western bar stool you need and how much you are willing to pay, the next step is to locate the stools that match your personal style. When looking for western themed bar stools, the best places to look can range from your local furniture store to online sites specializing in bar stools.

While reputable online merchants will almost always have lower prices, local stores allow you to try out before purchasing. We recommend combining both methods. The key to finding the perfect western themed bar stool to match your kitchen or bar is determination. Many styles, heights, colors, and renditions of western bar stools are available to fit your needs, no matter what your budget.