Vintage Bar Stools

vintage bar stoolsVintage bar stools are fantastic tools for home décor, especially when decorating one’s home for a specified period. These stools look perfect when placed next to a counter top island. They can also serve as an ideal choice when one has a tall table that only needs a few chairs around it. If one is after creating a fabulous look in their space, it is always a good idea to put more emphasis on bar stools to convey a message.

Vintage looks, especially in a home bar area, can truly transform the space. Below are tips on shopping for vintage bar stools to add a trendy touch to your home bar.

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Vintage Chrome Bar Stools

Chrome may be super-contemporary, however, there exist several vintage bar stools that feature chrome accents or have chrome legs and supports for a throwback style in the bar. One can find the padding of these stools embellished with custom or company logos, such as brand names of yesteryears, like Coca-Cola, or common drinks, such as brands of beer, or beer brewing companies.

Restoring these types of stools is quite easy, regardless of whether one has expertise when it comes to bar stools restoration. Metallic finishes, such as chrome, are the perfect option whether one chooses to going for a vintage stool, a modern one or a contemporary stool. This is also an ideal choice for families that want to have that electric feel while in the bar. Chrome is most probably one of the easiest to coordinate with.

Patterned Padded Seats

Contemporary designed vintage bar stools often feature a classic wooden or metal seat and a matching supporting frame. In recent times, the trend was for patterned padded seats in prints like paisley or gingham. Although gingham may not be the perfect choice of bar stools for a modern room filled with hi-tech gadgets, one can get that feeling that patterns are not typically a fashion mistake. Just go for a vintage bar stool with desired patterns on its padding. One can always improve on the padding with a bit of re-upholstering.

Brand Names of Vintage Bar Stools

Currently, a popular option in vintage bar stools is a brand name stool with a fantastic leather padded cover. There are literally hundreds of brands from which one can select. Therefore, it is not a challenge for one to find a stool that perfectly fits his or her needs. One can narrow down their options by themes such as purpose or an old brand of beer which a theme in one’s bar. One can also choose to go with old favorites such as a favorite childhood toy. A logo can also be an elegant touch and one can choose to have a professional make.

Coordinating Colors

Vintage bar stools are available in a variety of colors that are meant to bring style to the bar. These colors range from rich reds, oranges, and bold blues, to appealing metal shades. Basically, all rainbow colors are represented. One should always choose colors that blend well with the individual’s bar color scheme, or go for simple, neutral colors that can coordinate well with any shade. Contrasting colors allow your vintage bar stools to be a focal point of you home bar so they don’t simply blend it.