Upholstered Bar Stools

Getting the right set of upholstered bar stools for your home, business or office can be a daunting task. It may seem that the options are endless, but you can start your process by understanding that there are three basic upholstery types used. The choice is between leather, fabric and plastics. Each has different advantages to fit your individual needs.

Types of Upholstered Bar Stools


Leather can add a professional look to bar stools. Leather upholstered bar stools offer an immense selection of colors and textures. While traditional leather bar stools are earth toned, leather can be of virtually any color. Dyes can be applied in a variety of techniques providing a great range of finish using the same color.

Textures are as varied as the colors. Soft suede provides a luxurious feel. Smooth to the touch, the skin side of the leather is traditional and most often seen in the deeper reds, browns, blacks, and tans.

Other leather textures come from the type of skin. Ostrich and alligator skins have a unique look and feel and are found on many custom pieces. Of all of the upholstery options, leather is often the most expensive. Custom jobs may even include a mix of leathers to create a unique pattern. Special consideration must be taken to take care of leather upholstery.

upholstered bar stools


Fabric is traditionally used in just about every model and style of upholstered bar stools. It offers the widest variety of options for colors, textures and even patterns.

Fabric allows the versatility to match the decor of the room, without sacrificing quality. One of the most unique fabrics used is silk. Silks and materials of similar texture are used in specialized designs for high end establishments and home use. Microfiber is also a very popular fabric. Take a look at this Coaster Home Furnishings counter height bar stool finished in a beautiful cappuccino fabric which can be had for less than a nice dinner for two.

Fabric has the added advantage of being the most cost effective upholstery to buy and even repair. Careful consideration should be taken to make sure that the fabric chosen is strong enough to fit the environment and use. Fabrics are the lowest cost option and are the most common found. Fabrics are subject to stain and different fabrics will require different levels of care.


With contemporary and retro designs becoming the popular trend, plastics are making a come back with upholstered bar stools. The days of stiff vinyl are gone. Modern plastics are just as soft as many leathers. Plastic is easily shaped to make unique upholstery options.

Colors are typically bright and sharp; emphasizing the design that plastic is utilized in. Plastics are cheaper than leathers and may be used as low cost imitation leather. The more supple the plastic is the more expensive it is. Plastic bar stools from Ikea are good example types that are easier to clean than the various fabric materials. It is also far more durable and cheaper to replace than leather.

With all of the different options for upholstered bar stools, it is easy to find the one that fits your design styles. Find the best upholstery to match the material and design of the bar stool frames. The choice of combinations and variations available for upholstered bar stools allow you to create a truly unique look that is specific to you, your home or your business.