Unfinished Bar Stools

In today’s modern world, the things around us are increasingly adapting to more future-inspired themes. Be it our gadgets, clothes, homes and almost every new contraption being made – the styles of the stuff around us are constantly evolving to incorporate a modern look.

The times are indeed a-changin’, and while this could be a good thing for many of us, some things are better off untouched to allow their simple and classic appeal exude a timeless look that no modern design can ever match.

I can still remember the unfinished bar stools in our first home way back when I was young. I had always looked at them as very simple, yet very functional – no bells, no whistles… just reliable and trusty companions in our kitchen.

Unfinished Bar Stools:  A Lesson in Simplicity

Unfinished bar stools normally won’t warrant any exhaustive discussions as they are generally a “you-get-what-you-see” type of thing. However, in an aesthetically-related stand point, a basic wooden chair such as this brings to the table (pun intended) a subtle touch of minimalist beauty that almost gets unnoticed except for the few people who “get” its beauty beyond its functional roots.

Imagine a basic dining room setup: a small to medium sized wooden table, no frills, with just a touch of finish. What do you imagine sitting on all four corners?

unfinished bar stools

The image that will come to our minds is almost instant, our brains searching for the perfect tool that will complement such a simple and serene set up. With its virgin colors preserved, its natural finish untouched, the wood work direct and simple – unfinished bar stools are the perfect match for that subtle elegance that no modern or edgy design can bring.

Two good examples of unfinished bar stools are the 29″ Winsome Wood saddle seat stool which is surprisingly comfortable and the classic International Concepts roundtop stools which can be your own personal canvass. Both have very positive customer reviews.

Classic Form and Function

Now, while some of us will be happy to retain an unfinished bar stools original texture and style, it does offer some interesting options for its owner. With an untouched surface, unfinished bar stools are the perfect canvass for people looking to customize the look of their chairs to make sure they match their taste and overall design.

Feeling a bit classic and contemporary? Add a little shine and stain by using your favorite shade of varnish to get that warm appeal that complements the area.

Want to add more colors and texture to your place? Get creative with the colors and paint your unfinished bar stool with your favorite color or even team colors.

The real beauty of an unfinished bar stool lies in its capacity to be the perfect companion for a natural setup when it is in its original form, and retain the ability to adapt to whatever environment you chose to place it in, by a few custom tweaks to its color.

Unfinished bar stools can be found at select local furniture and bar supplies stores as well as online at trusted online merchants, such as the ones on this page.