Tractor Seat Bar Stools

buy tractor seat bar stoolsTractor seat bar stools have a cowboy, western look and feel to them. They are suitable for use in the breakfast bar or a kitchen. Expert artists design and make these bar stools by hand.

For making the stool, the artist may actually use a real tractor seat that may or may not be finished in paint. Some are even powder-coated and are safe for use in outdoor areas. For the legs of the stool, local pinewood is commonly used. The seat is comfortable and looks good when used with a cushion or even without it.

Tractor seat bars stools are used both indoor as well as outdoor. The most common heights available are 24 and 30 inches but can also be purchased in custom heights, according to the customer’s choice. The manufacturer stains the unfinished models of the stools in a color that the customer chooses. Tractor seat bar stools can also be made of cast iron. Some of these stools have a swiveling mechanism and antique rust finish.

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Variations of Tractor Seat Bar Stools

  • Swivel tractor bar seat stool – this stool has tractor seats that are recycled. The bar stool incorporates a steel base along with adjustable swivel seats. The customer can adjust the height from 25 to 38 inches. The stool is made of cast iron and is of bar or counter height. It has an antique rust finish. The stool is most often purchased in pairs.
  • Cast iron bar stool – this type of stool has tractor seats made of cast iron. They have concave cutouts. The seat is painted and put on a pedestal made of metal. The base has carvings and three points. The footrest is circular. Hamilton & Baker is a popular manufacturer of this type of stool.
  • Wicker bar stool – this stool is made of wicker or natural rattan. It is suitable for use in pubs, bars and kitchen. This stool gives a bright and contemporary look. It has an adjustable height. Its base is durable with a footrest that ensures maximum comfort. This stool is available in classical, modern, and different designs. A wide range of stool models is available for different demands. The customers can select from a wide variety of woven patterns. The stool is tropical and leisurely. These stools are more affordable and economical in comparison to bar stools made of wood and other materials. The stool has a smooth Eco friendly finishing. Since the stool is made of natural material, it needs special care for cleaning it. Remove the spills by using a nylon brush and wet cloth for removing the soiled part. Some models of these stools have swivel and steel bases. Some models have half circled backs. Some stools have high backs.
  • Vintage bar stool – this artisan crafted stool resembles a handmade vintage piece. The seat is made of cast iron. The base is ornate and resembles a claw foot. It combines the look of rustic as well as the Rococo. The casting has intricate details. This elegant stool also has a concave seat, which is slightly large, making it comfortable for long hours of sitting. It resembles a folk art piece combining the vintage styled tractor seat with Victorian base. These types of tractor seat bar stools have a horizontal bar, which functions as a footrest.

Where to Buy Tractor Seat Bar Stools

The above are just a few of the most common types of tractor seat bar stools to give your interiors or outdoor a unique countryside look. Finding tractor seat bar stools for sale is more difficult locally as opposed to more common styles so your best option is to go to browse at some of the reputable online bar stools merchants to get the best price possible.