Tiki Bar Stools

tiki bar stoolsTiki bar stools feature a design that pays tribute to the large stone and wood carvings of humanoid forms which originated from Central Eastern Polynesian cultures. According to Maori mythology, Tiki was the first man, created by Tane.

In Maori communities, Tiki is the term they use to refer to the huge wooden carvings that take up a rough human form, and they are typically used to mark the entrances or boundaries of important and sacred sites. With varying facial expressions and exquisite detailing on its surface, the Tiki bar stool is indeed one very unique piece of furniture that would bring world culture character to any home. Various commercial establishments especially those who incorporate a tropical theme find the Tiki design very “at home” with their motif.

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Tiki Bar Stools: Polynesian Culture

What does a typical Tiki bar stool look like? Very much like the original wood and stone carvings they were based from. Since the basic design of a typical Tiki carving is a big head and the rest of the body in a straightforward pole-like body, a Tiki bar stool’s cylinder-like design with a slightly wider area for seat cushion on top sticks close to its original design.

However, the Tiki design branches out to several design templates when it comes to bar stools. Generally speaking, a Tiki bar stool is made of wood and may not directly incorporate the famous “Tiki face” in all designs. Some models can look like a simple wooden stool with its “Tiki homage” represented by its bamboo body and finish. Some may opt to show the Tiki symbol just on the seat cushion only. Others, such as the Offi Tiki Stool, have a unique modern look with bright colors.

Unique Tropical Style

Of course, Tiki bar stools look best when they are displayed together with the actual Tiki bar. Usually made from bamboo wood and at times implementing seagrass, a Tiki bar has a very Hawaiian feel and sets a very tropical ambience which is perfect for an outdoor setting.

Stand alone though, Tiki bar stools will still add a touch of Polynesian culture that is known worldwide. Some even use them as actual design accents at home if they find the Tiki totems too large or too wide for their space. Function and style is what this type of stool bring and one cannot deny the fact that a Tiki bar stool looks fabulous at just about any corner of your place as a design accent or even as a centerpiece.

So if you are planning on setting up a Hawaiian or Tropical inspired bar or hut outside or inside your home, getting the right chairs is crucial in getting that sunny beach feel. Aside from their unique character and as well as the cultural flavor they bring, these Tiki bar stools will always look good no matter where you place them.