Teak Bar Stools

Teak bar stools are probably your best bet for chair furniture if you are looking for something that can withstand the elements and be at your service for years and years to come. The perfect complement for an outdoor setup, teak bar stools are made from a hardwood tree which is the main reason why it is very durable and not easily damaged or affected by the elements.

Though made from a hardwood tree, teak is actually easily shaped, making it a superb material for crafting. Teak originates from the tropical hardwoods of south and southeast areas in Asia, extracted from the lush forest vegetation. Growing as high as 30 to 40 meters, the dry season makes them lose their foliage which is common on the location.

Time-Tested Beauty and Grandeur

Due to the superb resistance of Teak wood, Teak bar stools will guarantee very minimal wear and tear, thanks to the natural oils that teak possesses that makes it highly resistant to possible damage.

teak bar stoolsCombined with Teak’s dense grain composition, the warping and shrinking, as well as swelling and rotting of its wood are significantly reduced and prevented. The presence of natural oils in Teak wood make it highly resistant to water thus ensuring that no weakening will occur in its core.

Rain and sea water are resisted to a high degree even without the use of coating. To add to its superb characteristics, Teak wood actually increases these great attributes as the tree ages, so the older the tree it came from, the better.

Take a look at this beautiful 24″ Asia Teak bar stool from AquaTeak. It combines great look, superb weather-resistance, at a very affordable price.

Teak Bar Stools: Best in Their Class

Teak bar stools on the patio are a great idea as they blend well with natural surroundings and as mentioned, are tough against natural elements. These characteristics of Teak wood are the main reason why it is considerably more expensive than regular wood.

That being said, Teak furniture such as Teak bar stools carry somewhat of a status symbol due to its increasing rarity and sometimes even considered the gold standard for outdoor furniture. Another interesting attribute of untreated Teak wood is that in time, when continuously exposed to the sun, it will turn its hue into a silvery, grey shade.

This natural metamorphosis brings in more character to your Teak bar stool and adds vintage appeal that makes it even look better.

As home owners, we would want to have furniture that will provide great value and render excellent service during its lifetime. And when it comes to wooden bar stools, Teak bar stools are the way to go if you are the kind of person who value long-lasting beauty and love having stuff that will grow with you as the years go by.

Aside from the function it retains, memories are also preserved, making Teak bar stools not only excellent chairs for your place, but excellent mementos as well.