Tall Bar Stools

tall bar stools reviewsTall bar stools are mostly used in the bars and restaurants to accommodate for the counter’s height that they are often put up against. They measure around 33-36 inches in height and have a stable base for accommodating various weights and heights of customers who come in the bars or restaurants. Tall bar stools are also great as breakfast bar stools around a kitchen island.

Characteristics of Tall Bar Stools

Due to the extra height of tall bar stools, production cost run a little higher than normal bar stools. All those who are budget conscious should be prepared to spend a little extra money on buying them, but the difference is negligible.

The more expensive versions of tall bar stools are equipped with extras such as memory swivel chairs and toxic free finishes. Many people wonder the practicality of these stools, but many users prefer them over regular stools as they get a much better view of the room. The practicality of these stools is exhibited in both tall people and short people.

Tall individuals can not only sit comfortably on them, but can do so for a long time, without curving their knees towards their chest as they do when they sit on short chairs or stools that are made for standard height population. Shorter individuals may also prefer extra tall bar stools because it allows them to sit higher than they normally would.

Some Popular Tall Bar Stool Styles

Longhorn Tall Swivel bar Stool with Arms – These are made up of a wrought iron frame and are stylish and beautiful. They also feature a comfortable back and an arm rests. They also come with convenient stool seat. This tall bar stool has a 360 degrees swivel feature that makes it more appealing.

Baxton Studio Tall Leather Bar Stool – These lightweight brown bar stools/counter stools incorporate bounded leather over solid wood frames. The stools’ design is softened by the slightly-curved, mid-level backs. The only maintenance you will ever need is to wipe them with a damp cloth.

Tall Backless Wooden Bar Stool – This tall bar stool is best for all those who are decorating their commercial establishments. They are perfect for delivering that extra height required for extra tall bar counters. Aside from this, they have the advantage of being easily stashed away after store hours. In fact, they can even be placed on the top of the bar’s counter.

Retro Adjustable Height Swivel tall bar Stool With an Upholstered Seat – This tall bar stool comes with a beautiful cushioned seat, round barrel back rest, shiny arm metal base and an innovative edgy design. It is a swivel stool that comes with an adjustable seat height. Perfect for both counter height and bar height.

Tall Swivel Metal Bar Stool equipped with a Wooden Seat– This tall bar stool offers a perfect combination of both modern and traditional designs. This stool comes with wooden seat that is being offered in various wood stains. You can easily upholster the seat of the stool if you want to.

You can look for various styles and costs of tall bar stools on the Internet. Many people like to visit showrooms and actually see the stools, whereas others order them on the Internet. The benefit of ordering tall bar stools on the Internet is that you will get them at lower prices and they will be shipped directly to your location without the need of a truck.