Swivel Bar Stools

swivel bar stools

Swivel bar stools are becoming more and more common these days. Many people have gotten tired of stationary bar stools and enjoy the convenience of being able to turn around and move in their seat when needed. That’s what makes swivel bar stools so popular.

You can quickly turn around to talk to someone behind you or reach something you want by utilizing this feature of a bar stool. While having this feature on your bar stool might make it a little more expensive, it is definitely worth the price with how convenient it will prove to be.

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Different Types of Swivel Bar Stools

Swivel bar stools come in many different styles. While many may be backless and just effectively have a spinning top of the seat, others swivel with a back. A lot of people tend to take a liking to the swivel bar stools with back. They’re more comfortable as they offer more support.

It’s also a lot easier to swivel when you can use your back. If it were a backless bar stool, swiveling takes a little more effort. Most people agree that bar stools also look more modern and stylish when they have a back.

Swivel Bar Stools Materials

Swivel bar stools can be made out of different materials. It really all depends on what kind of look you’re going for or where they’ll be as to what they should be made out of. If your bar stools have the potential to be used outside, metal swivel bar stools would probably be your best option. Metal can take more than other materials. There are also weatherization sprays you can use to protect the metal from rain damage.

If your swivel bar stools are going to be used inside and you want a classier look than metal, then you should consider leather swivel bar stools. Leather just adds an extra sense of style. Leather can also be made in a variety of different colors and prints. So, if you’re looking for a hot pink swivel bar stool, it can be done. It will all depend on what you are looking for or what you’re trying to get your bar stools to match.

If you are looking for a good quality wooden swivel bar stool, this Winsome Wood 30 inch bar stool is a great choice. While only a little more expensive than a similar style from Target or Walmart, this one will last you many more years.

Swivel Bar Stools for the Outdoors

While bar stools may look great inside your home, you can also find some that will look great outside. For example: if you have a garden outside, you may want to consider garden bar stools. Bar stools around your garden can really provide a serene atmosphere to read or anything else that is relaxing to you. Garden bar stools come in a variety of different styles and are actually quite easy to find.

Accent Furniture to Accompany Your Bar Stools

While bar stools are a great addition to any room, accent furniture can really help to pull it all together. A great place to look for nice accent furniture to match your bar stools would be Pottery Barn. Their prices are reasonable and they have some awesome stuff.

As you can see, swivel bar stools come in different styles, colors, and materials. You can definitely find one that is perfect for you. Accent furniture is a great way to help pull everything together. Finding matching furniture for your swivel bar stools is easy, especially when you shop at places like Pottery Barn or other reputable merchants near the top of this page. They have a wide selection of various swivel bar stools for you to choose from.

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