Swivel Bar Stools With Back

swivel bar stools with backSwivel bar stools with backs are some of the best pieces of furniture to match to that brand new mini bar at home or allow your bar and restaurant patrons the most comfortable places to sit. When it comes to getting the perfect chair for a specific area around the house, always keep an eye for something that will not only serve its purpose well, but will spice up the location and complement the space.

Is the mini bar a bit tight on space? No problem! You can easily fit in two to three swivel bar stools with backs without guests feeling cramped. Do you want your commercial business to stand out from the competition? Put in some swivel bar stools with backs and take form and function to a whole new level.

Save Space with Swivel Bar Stools with Backs

These types of bar stools offer a good way of solving both seating and space problems in various spots in a location. Usually averaging around 20 x 20 x 40 inches in dimension, this type of stool easily slides into otherwise tight areas and are also adjustable in height.

With a swivel option, the person sitting can easily change directions to accommodate various angles without having to get off and sit down again. Also, since it comes with a back rest, there is considerably less fatigue on the lower back especially when compared to back-less versions.

Two of the best-selling models are the solid beachwood Winsome Wood 30″ Windsor and the York 30″ Swivel stool with a cherry finish and soft leather cushions. They are two completely different looks but at a very similar price point. Owners rave about the comfort and quality these stools possess.

A Sweet Balance of Form and Function

Swivel bar stools with back often come disassembled in a box when ordered. In general, setup is simple and straightforward. Usually, it comes with tools to help you assemble them and get you sitting on it within a few minutes. The contemporary models of today sport metal construction with a chrome finish. Gas-lift equipped for its adjustable feature, swivel bar stools with backs easily adjust their height to comfortably accommodate the person sitting no matter how tall they are. Most models also feature a foot rest usually placed at the lower-mid mark of the length of the metal to lessen fatigue on the feet.

Lastly, Swivel bar stools with back feature a classic yet functional piece of design found in most establishments such as bars and restaurants. Thanks to their non-obtrusive design and dimensions, they fit in easily in the usual crowded spots where people dine and wine. With a myriad of styles, materials, colors, and upholstery to choose from, it can be a tad difficult to choose which one would be the best for you and your space.

Trendy, hip, and chic, swivel bar stools with backs should be a no-brainer to any home owner looking to edge things up a bit at home style-wise. The best part is their price as most stools of this type are competitively-priced, allowing you to experience the modern-side of things without boring holes in your pockets. In our book, swivel bar stools with back are awesome bang-for-the-buck investments that bring form and function to your space.