Stainless Steel Bar Stools

When deciding to decorate with stainless steel bar stools, there are several things to take into consideration. First, does the stainless steel complement the look of your current decor? Do you really need stainless steel or would a cheaper metal, like aluminum bar stools for for you?

Do you want metal or wood accents or does the whole barstool need to be stainless steel? Next, is the stool easy to maintain and keep clean? Finally does the look that you want come in the height that you need?

You’ve Got the Look

stainless steel bar stools

Even when you say you want stainless steel bar stools, there are many different kinds of looks you can get. Stainless steel is usually associated with a clean contemporary look, but you may also have trim or detail elements that might soften the harder contemporary look, making it appropriate for a more comfortable, down home atmosphere.

Take a look at the Catalina 30″ bar stool with it’s gorgeous stainless steel finish and complete 360 degree swivel and rein thatch vinyl seat.

Sometimes, though, if you have a dedicated bar type area, perhaps a “man cave,” then you can determine a look for the room that is different from the rest of the house. In this case, do whatever you want.

Sometimes there are other metals, such as aluminum, that have a nice metallic look but are much lighter and easier to move around than stainless steel bar stools, but are not as durable.

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Keeping Stainless Steel Bar Stools Clean

When purchasing any bar stool, not just one that is stainless steel, you must always consider what it will take to keep the stool clean. Is it all metal? Great. That is easy, but when you start looking at upholstery, which makes your bar stool more comfortable, you need to be aware of the material used. Is it leather or vinyl? Is it fabric?

Obviously, the leather and vinyl will make the stool easier to clean. Leather will cost more, but will also be much more durable. However, don’t write fabric off just yet. Fabric is more affordable than leather and with the help of modern chemistry and stain resistant fabric coatings, it can be maintained almost as easily.

If you are replacing existing bar stools, just think back to how the stools have held up under normal wear and tear and you will be able to determine what materials the stools will need to be made from. And, as always, the best rule of thumb when making a purchase like this is “Get the best quality you can afford.”

How High is TOO High For Stainless Steel Bar Stools?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that all bar stools are created equal. That is not always the case. Perhaps the bar stool industry should have gotten together years ago and decided to unify bar and bar stool height… but they didn’t.

And so we are left with varying heights for bars and bar stools. Make sure you get the right one for your application. Most public bars are between 40 and 42 inches, however, many homes have a “bar” slightly higher than their kitchen counter, which ends up being closer to 28 to 32 inches.

And finally, some bars in public places are extra high, so higher bar stools will obviously need to be used. As a general rule of thumb, you want between 10 and 12 inches of room from the top of the bar stool to the bottom of the counter.

Bar stools come in a variety of styles and sizes. Make sure your stainless steel bar stools are the right size and have the right look for you and they will be around for quite a long time.