Restaurant Bar Stools

restaurant bar stoolsThe type of restaurant bar stools you choose for your establishment is extremely important. The reason behind this is because your restaurant’s furniture will explicitly define the quality of the services you offer.

Does this mean that you need the most expensive furniture? Absolutely not. It just means that your furniture must also contain the essence of the services you offer and must at least be on the same page as the theme of your restaurant. You do not need to spend much. You just need to design your restaurant well and extensively research what restaurant bar stools will fit your restaurant, bar, pub, diner, or coffee shop.

To help you out, here are some of the top rated restaurant  and diner bar stools that are available online and in select stores across the country.

Contemporary Restaurant Bar Stools

BarStools & BarStools is one of the leading companies when it comes to supplying establishments with restaurant bar stools. They have a collection of contemporary bar stools that are considered eye catching for entrepreneurs who are looking to display their modern taste.

One of the top rated contemporary restaurant bar stools is the Viva Adjustable Contemporary Bentwood Stool in a unique Wenge color. It is an upscale bar stool made of wood and chrome. It can be adjusted from 20 to 30 inches using a hydraulic pump. It is finished with felt fabric at the bottom to ensure that it does not get easily scratched and the chrome is polished to a beautiful shine.

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Retro Restaurant Bar Stools

Many restaurant enthusiasts choose to open diners with that 50’s look and aura. Most of the various models have a metal frame (typically chrome plated) and a round vinyl seat which normally is some bright color such as red, powder blue, or green. These types of diner bar stools are one of the most customized out there and many companies can add a logo on top of the seat whether it be of your company or well-known brands such as Coca-Cola or Budweiser.

Swivel Restaurant Bar Stools

One of the most common requested features of restaurant bar stools is the swiveling. These stools offer elegance and a modern touch with the functionality of being able to rotate for ease of use. One of the best sellers in this category is the American Heritage Barletto Swivel Bar Stool. It has a full swivel feature upholstered with a 3 inch thick cushion, floor glides, and full back support. It is made of wood and has a walnut with ebony finish.

Outdoor Restaurant Bar Stools

If you plan to set up the bar of your restaurant outdoors as more and more businesses are doing, visit Elegant Barstools to check out the best collection of outdoor and patio restaurant bar stools.

One product they have that has a summer and beach look is the Aluminum PE weave patio bar stool. It is 30 inches tall and 18 inches deep and includes the typical one year warranty. It’s a fantastic choice for the outdoors because it is UV and weather proof. These types of restaurant bar stools will not wear out quickly.