Rattan Bar Stools

While they can provide comfortable and functional seating, rattan bar stools and counter stools can be found in many different looks. They can be found with high backs or no backs at all. They can come in very light to extremely dark wood finishes.

Some may also be painted to match a home’s decor. Many people think of the Caribbean or island look when they imagine rattan seating. While this is one look that can be achieved with such seating, it’s not the only one.

Popular Rattan Bar Stools

  • One of the best selling models is the adjustable rattan style swivel bucket patio bar stool from HOMCOM.
  • The Valencia is one model that offers more of an island look. It can be found in a medium brown teak finish or white. The seat is cushioned with a light or white fabric. The back is of moderate height and curves around to support the arms. These rattan bar stools are ideal for vacation homes or where a warm, inviting, yet cozy feel is desired for meals or entertaining.
  • The Marco woven back rattan bar stool¬†represents a more classic design style. Dark mahogany legs and scroll arms are classic features of this model. A brass foot rest adds to the overall richness of the design. The seat and back are upholstered in a medium brown leather designed to age naturally. A detailed wood bar across the top of the back give the seats a more traditional feel.
  • rattan bar stoolsThe La Paz Swivel seats with arms are more contemporary looking rattan bar stools. They come in a very light wood finish with arced legs and wrap around foot rests. The seat and back come with thick cushions in a light tan, durable fabric. The design is more simplistic and offers a fresh, clean look to any eating or entertaining area.
  • The Polynesian Bamboo rattan bar stools offer a more stylish look with a dark finish and layered slats on the back with plenty of detail. The curved back and curved arms give the seat a classic feel like Hawaii rattan bar stools. The padded seat cushion adds comfort.
  • The Edgehill and Bequia are two slightly different models of rattan bar stools that offer more of a classic design. The Edgehill comes in an antique white finish with upholstered seat and back. This model has no arms but maintains a formal look with its solid, slightly curved back and more square seat shape. The Bequia comes with low, slightly curved arms and a higher back that tapers outward at the top. Its dark wood finish and classic looking fabric give it a traditional feel.

Rattan bar stools provide sturdy, yet stylish seating in an open concept kitchen dining area, a cozy pub table, or to match other rattan furniture. Rattan is sturdier than bamboo because it is solid all the way through. It is less likely to break. Like bamboo it is a sustainable material. Rattan bar stools can be a great choice for those with limited seating options, people who are conscious about the environment, or for those who simply want stylish stools to enjoy cozy meals.