Pastel Bar Stools

If you are planning to buy new furniture or to replace your old worn-out seating, new Pastel bar stools would definitely liven up your interiors and would change the look of your home, outdoor decor or your cafe, restaurant or bar.

Pastel bar stools are available in various exquisite designs to suit your interiors. These designs are available in varying heights and in various colors and one can easily shop for these Pastel bar stools from an online retailer and have them delivered in a matter of a few days.

The numerous designs available will definitely give you a lot of choices to match your decor. With their vast range of bar stools, you’ll never even have to ask for customizations from Pastel Furniture as there will be a lot of options online that can cater to your needs.

Why Pastel Bar Stools?

These bar stools could be part of a pub or your own mini bar at house or they can be used in your gardens as well. No matter where they are used, they are supposed to provide a classy and comfortable seat when you want to share a drink, get a small or large shot or just talk to friends. Therefore, one expects bar stools to be elegant as well as comfortable.

Pastel bar stools

Pastel bar stools are designed keeping in mind these requirements of the customers. They are made up of wood, oak or metal and the seat is fitted with a cushioned base for comfort. The wooden stools are available in a price range of $100 – $1,500 depending upon the quality of wood and design.

The metal variations are also quite affordable and can be purchased in a similar price range though a few of them could be cheaper than wooden bar stools. However, the variety of designs available in metallic swivel counter stools or swivel bar stools is greater than the wooden ones.

The wooden bar stools have their own beauty and grace and although they are slightly expensive they surely compliment the bar. The leather bar stools also make a good collection. The leather finishing gives them a country side look and could give your interiors a graceful touch.

Pastel bar stools are also available as backless stools or swivel stools with a comfortable back rest that could vary in height. The backless bar stools are usually revolving stools and you can turn around and watch people dance while you sip a mocktail at the bar.

A Few Options in the Pastel Bar Stools Lineup

Emerald Bay Swivel Bar Stools

These bar stools are made from Chestnut wood and have a classic bronze metallic finish. The approximate height of these stools is around 30″ and they have padded swivel seats.

Eureka Swivel Pastel Bar Stools

These bar stools flaunt a contemporary design and are carved in wood. They are available in various colors like black, red, white, etc. and have a padded swivel seat.

Edinburgh Swivel Bar Stools

These range of Pastel Bar Stools are made with steel and have padded swivel seats. They look gorgeous with the contrast of black seat and stand and the steel white back rest.

Pastel furniture also offer a wide range of backless bar stools and you can find more information on a lot of websites selling their products. So if you want to give your home decor or your pub an uncommon and elegant look, then buy Pastel bar stools and pair them with their lovely Pastel pub tables.