Oak Bar Stools

For any counter eating space or high table, oak bar stools offer the perfect complement. Seats made of the hard wood offer many advantages over other products. They come in different finishes, from light to dark, to coordinate with furniture or cabinetry near the eating area.


Oak takes a long time to age. As trees grow, they become harder and offer a durable material for constructing furniture. Stools made of oak will last a long time and will retain their natural beauty over the years. Oak will withstand the rigors of extended use.

Kids tend to make a mess and can spill all kinds of food and drink on furniture including bar stools. Products made of oak are quite easy to clean up and retain their beautiful finish for years.

Oak Bar Stool Styles

oak bar stools

Many oak bar stools are made in a more classic design. They may include turned legs and spindles on the backs of the seats. The eHemco 22″ solid oak stool and the Hillsdale Fairfox are two very classically designed models for those who want a more traditional look.

The Holland is another example of a more traditional style. It features round legs and spindles. Though there is little detail,l the look is classic with several spindles used on the rounded back.

Those who want something more modern will also find oak bar stools in mission style, contemporary, and many combinations of looks. The Barnwood model combines classic elegance with country charm and simplicity. The straight back, straight leg seats feature a darker finished rough wood insert on the back and around the frame of the seat. This style is ideal for an eat-in country kitchen or for a rustic looking pub table.

Swivel oak bar stools with upholstered seats and backs are also somewhat more classic than contemporary. Arms tend to feature plenty of curves and the foot rests match the rest of the wood grain. Upholstered fabric or leather seats and backs give the chairs a richer feel.

Another product that combines classic style with a contemporary is the upholstered flexback seat. It features a somewhat simpler design with a back that curves outward toward the top and flares out slightly. The use of modern fabric gives the product a more contemporary feel.

Though it is not necessarily a modern look, the saddle seat type of chair is becoming more popular in bar stool seating. It is wide enough to accommodate children and adults of any size and provides simple, durable seating for enjoying snacks or meals.

Various Oak Finishes

Finishes on oak bar stools can range from the very light to extremely dark. What is similar with all finishes is the ability to see the natural wood grains with the lines and waves that occur during the tree’s growth.

Light blonde finishes tend to make the grain somewhat less noticeable though still visible. Dark finishes often bring out the variations in the wood pattern. Lighter tan finishes are typically found in more modern seat styles while darker finishes tend to be used in classic styles. Mission styles can be found in light, medium, and very dark finishes.

Like any other type of wooden bar stool, prices can vary quite a bit from store to store. We always recommend to visit a few reputable online bar stool merchants, such as the ones on this page, to get an idea of prices before venturing out to a local store to try them out. It’s always a good idea to also read some reviews because what may look like quality oak bar stools may actually have some serious issues.