Metal Bar Stools

With more and more homeowners decorating their kitchens in the modern style, metal bar stools are becoming a common addition to the dining area.

An attractive set of stools can help complement and bring out the sleek design of any kitchen or dining room, especially when the decor is ultra-modern or traditional. They are also heavy-duty, making them perfect for heavy use in families with a lot of traffic.

Knowing what styles and options are available on the market can make it easier to choose the perfect metal bar stools for any room that needs them.

Retro Metal Bar Stools

Retro diner styles are coming back into fashion, taking their style cues from traditional diner restaurants of the 1950s and 1960s. Metal bar stools in this style usually includes a metal frame and is upholstered with shiny vinyl in white with brightly colored accents.

There may be bright enamel accents on the metal stool frame as well as designs and patterns on or around the seat, including diamonds and checkerboard. Some of the most popular accent colors include red, aqua blue, sea foam green and black. These are usually paired with a clean white as the main color in the palette for a simple but retro look.

Some common retro metal bar stools include the Coaster Retro Nostalgic, which is sold in sets of two and can be purchased as a set with a matching table. Cosco features a line of retro stairs that come with a folding step stool, perfect for families with small children or seniors who may need help getting into their seat.

Winsome also sells a variety of retro style bar stools with faux leather seats in many different color options, usually sold in pairs. LumiSource sells a line of scooper barstools that are unique from the regular diner style retro seat, recalling a soda fountain bar counter with its funky shape and molded seat.

metal bar stools

Modern Metal Bar Stools

Modern decor kitchens and dining areas usually include clean lines and sleek surfaces with metal accents in colors such as chrome or bronze. Kitchen surfaces will either be durable metal or solid neutral colors such as black or brown, and metal swivel bar stools can provide seating at the counter that will coordinate with the look of the surface.

Stools can be entirely metal including the seat or they can be upholstered with vinyl in a neutral color that matches the decor. Alternatively, some metal bar stools have classic dark wood seats that help tie the look together.

Some modern style stools available on the market include the Seville Classics Stainless Steel line that features fully adjustable seating height and an all-steel look. The Winsome Wood Spectrum Air Lift stools are sleek and modern looking with a dark wood seat finish that coordinates with any modern kitchen and provides a touch of class. The Baxton Studio line features stools in neutral and wooden colors as well as all metal finishes, providing a look for any kitchen.

Coordinating a kitchen and dining area can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding attractive seating. The huge range of kitchen bar stools and metal counter stools available for counter seating space makes it easier to find one that matches any kitchen. Retro kitchens and modern spaces in particular favor metal bar stools for their versatility, durability and overall look, and a great variety of styles can be found on the market for any kitchen.