Maple Bar Stools

Maple bar stools can be the perfect addition to any wooden bar. With this type of stool, you can easily garnish your drinking quarters keeping in mind that bar stools provide support and comfort needed for a drinker who seeks to refresh him/herself.

The comfort provided by bar stools can influence how one will enjoy his/her drink. Also, appropriate choice of bar stool is pivotal to attaining the bar’s unique, warm appearance.

Choosing the Right Maple Bar Stool

There are several key factors that you must consider before choosing the perfect maple bar stool. First, you should accurately measure and assess the height of your bar.

The height of a bar stool is normally measured between the top part of the stool’s seat excluding its backrest, and the floor. As a rule of the thumb, there ought to be about 12-inch space between the bottom part of the bar’s countertop and the top part of one’s bar seat.

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For other counters such as lunch counters, the measurement is different. Also, these measurements will vary depending on one’s preferences. For instance, if you intend to host a large, social circle of munchkins, you may opt for specific measurements that are constrained.

The width requirements of your maple bar stool will also vary depending on the space available and your preferences. You should measure your bar’s width and then approximate the width that you can choose per barstool.

Add up to 4-inches of space on each side to account for maximum comfort of your guests. Then divide the total width by the approximated width per stool and calculate the number of stools that you may comfortably fit into it.

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Various Finishes

Maple bar stools come in various finishes from which you should carefully choose to complement your bar area accordingly. Maple finishes include medium, natural, dark cherry, white or even black. It is advisable that you consult with a professional designer and record the wood finish used in your bar. Then, go for a maple bar stool that complements the looks of your bar.

When purchasing a maple bar stool, you should also put into consideration its swiveling ability. Address the addition of its swiveling ability in relation to the width covered per seat.

If each seat swivels, more space is needed to each side of the stool and this may decrease the number of seats needed for one’s countertop. Consider the fact that swiveling encourages interaction in a dynamic way more so in a bar, and it is conducive for conversation.

Keep in mind that excessive swiveling can loosen your bar stool’s seams, and you may need to re-glue them. Though this is minor maintenance, it needs consideration.

Even without a classic finish, the light, natural coloring found in many maple stools can be an ideal complement for one’s bar. When shopping for a maple bar stool, you may notice the outstanding price difference between maple bar stools that have a reddish hue and the lighter unfinished bar stools.

This is because red maple bar stools can easily blend with a wide range of wood complements and they are in high demand. Maple’s natural resilience also accords a bar owner an opportunity to finish his maple bar stools using his/her own preferences without being bothered by the wood’s disintegration.

Generally, these stools are hard and more durable than other wooden bar stools. The key advantage of choosing maple bar stools over the other wooden bar stools is its outstanding resistance to denting and scratching. Maple bar stools can be the perfect option when looking to buy bar stools that can easily blend with your bar’s finish.