Lucite Bar Stools

Lucite bar stools are a very popular type of kitchen furniture found in many households due to their clean and minimalist design that easily blends with its surroundings. The clear acrylic gives off a modern aura that conveys space which reduces visual clutter which can help if your place is a bit cramped.

Usually equipped with metal or alloy feet, Lucite bar stools show off a contemporary cool and chic style that feels at home with most house designs such as modern and industrial, and carry a crisp vibe that is quite refreshing to the eye as it smoothly balances out the stronger hues that your place might have.

Inconspicuous Beauty of Lucite Bar Stools

lucite bar stoolsLucite, sometimes referred to as Plexiglas, is a type of material that shows high dimensional stability and excellent shock and weather resistance. Oftentimes it is used in its original clear and transparent appearance, but also come in tinted versions which provide variety in terms of color coordination.

In addition, Lucite material has the interesting property of maintaining light beams reflected within its surfaces, and this adds a visual effect that enhances its look further. A Lucite bar stool placed on a strategically lit spot can provide a dramatic effect by taking in the hue of the lighting thus matching the theme of the space. One of the most popular sellers in the lucite/acrylic category is the Modway Casper Modern counter bar stool.

Mass Appeal

True to its form, Lucite bar stools offer solid performance thanks to its strong construction and natural durable body. They can comfortably stand natural wear and tear due to normal use and the elements so you can expect years and years of service before they need repairs or replacing.

Another thing going for Lucite bar stools is that they require minimal maintenance or cleaning since it is made of plastic. In general, simply wiping off the usual dirt and grime using a cloth and cleaning fluid will do the job.

If you regularly check house and furniture design publications both traditional and online, you will see that Lucite bar stools are quite a favorite among homeowners and owners of commercial establishments alike. Often seen gracing the pages of interior contemporary design, they are a usual recommendation to individuals looking for a complement to their modern space.

Classy and hip, they easily slip into your kitchen and bar space, without taking all the attention. The idea is simple, provide a functional sitting tool and maintain a clean and elegant unobtrusive look.

Lucite bar stools come in a variety of styles, some show off the Lucite on the legs only, some on the main seat cushion, while some go all the way and go Lucite from top to bottom. This provides plenty of variance to control the look you are trying to achieve. So if you are on the lookout for a classic and svelte look for your place, Lucite bar stools are the way to go.