Italian Bar Stools

best Italian bar stoolsItalian bar stools can be rated as the best that the furniture industry can offer. They are designed with optimal quality and a unique style in mind. Each model of an Italian bar stool is made of high quality materials as Italy takes pride in quality and not quantity. Italian bar stools consist of contemporary models that are perfect for both your business and your home bar regardless of how unique you barstool preferences might be.

Italian stools can be excellent decor for all types of homes. They are not specifically meant for Italian styled homes. You can be sure to find a perfect Italian bar stool that fits your preferences. This is because these stools can be easily customized to comfortably fit your taste preferences and can easily blend with your home bar décor. You can shop these stools from the many retailers that are available online or visit local stores.

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Buying Italian Bar Stools

If you are looking for Italian bar stools, keep in mind that there are many models of Italian bar stools in the market, and new models are being invented. From the wide array of Italian bar stools, you have to choose a stool that best fits your preferences. In doing this, you should first consider the design of your bar including the space available and the number of stools that you need.

You should choose a model that blends well with the design of your bar. If you value comfort, Italian bar stools with a backrest can be the ideal option for you. Cost is another factor that you should consider when buying an Italian bar stool. You should choose a stool that perfectly fits into your budget without straining you financially. Quality is also crucial when buying bar stools. Go for a stool that is worth your money.

Common Italian Bar Stool Models

The Italian Contemporary Masterpiece

This model of Italian bar stools includes the unique Juniper Bar Stool. Juniper bar stool is a trendy masterpiece which has a square base at its footrest extending down from the seat. There is also the Siena Bar Stool that is superbly made with its backrest extending downwards past its seat. This type of Italian bar stool has a unique footrest which depicts the extent to which Italians value comfort.

The last stool in this category is the contemporary Italian bar stool known as Squared Bar Stool. This stool has a modern, trendy design with an outstanding square theme throughout; in the backrest, in the seat, in the stem, in the base and in the footrest.

The Italian Fixed Height Bar Stools

This includes fixed frame Italian bar stools like the trendy, chic Streamline Delphin which is a minimalist stool containing a unique tubular frame that is capable of sweeping backwards into a comfortable backrest that has a circular cushion which is suspended right at the centre. We also have the modern Cubo Bar Stool in this category. Cubo bar stools have chrome plated legs and a simple, squared cushion. Lastly, we have the trendy Chino Bar Stool which contains a thin seat with a backrest that maintains a sleek, clean look.

Italian bar stools are in high demand because they are extremely versatile and well made. They have heavy duty bases that play a crucial role in lowering the centre of gravity. They are superbly hard wearing and stable. Apart from the styles named above, there are countless styles of Italian bar stools from which you can comfortably choose.