Hillsdale Bar Stools

Hillsdale bar stools are the epitome of class and elegance. Their furniture look more like works of art made of leather upholstery and wrought-iron legs rather than simple bar stools.

The Hillsdale Company makes these bar stools in different designs, but all the stools follow a general style that distinguishes them from other popular brands of bar stools.

Bar stools with dark colors match a dark setting while bar stools with light colors usually match a light setting. Moreover, the stools can swivel around to a full 360 degrees for convenience and ease.

Dark Hillsdale Bar Stools

Most bars, whether as a personal bar at home or as a business, use dark granite to construct a smooth counter to serve drinks and use dark-colored hardwood to build a wall of cabinets behind the bar to store bottles of liquor.

The same dark wood is commonly used on the bar’s floor. In this bar setting, Hillsdale bar stools and Hillsdale counter stools are the best furniture to line up at a bar or counter.

hillsdale bar stools

Their most distinguishing feature is their wrought iron legs, which curve from the top and form a smooth, sexy pose at the bottom. The Hillsdale Presque Isle swivel bar stool is an excellent example of the Hillsdale style.

Like a woman wearing high heels, the long, elegant legs of the bar stools look sexy when paired with dark upholstery made of red, dark brown or black leather. Dressed in soft leather, the seats look inviting and feel extremely comfortable with diameters as wide as 30 inches across.

They stand at the right height of up to 45 inches to allow even petite guests or customers to sit comfortably at the bar. Most of the stools have sturdy backs to support the individual’s posture, but there are also backless Hillsdale bar stools.

Light Hillsdale Bar Stools

Many bars have traditional designs that use dark wood, such as rosewood, walnut and mahogany. However, there are bars designed with light interiors using maple or oak. These bars often have marble counters and also light-colored wooden floors.

To match the whole design, bar owners normally match Hillsdale bar stools with light upholstery. They also use stools whose frames are made with light oak wood or wrought iron, finished with a light shade of bronze or pewter.

Covered in off-white fabric or painted with a light finish, these lightly-designed bar stools are perfect for a bar design that uses a neutral color scheme. This may include tan or caramel themes with touches of Greek or Victorian interior design.

The legs of the bar stools have the same sexy curves as always, but differ with their pewter or bronze finish. Most of the Hillsdale bar stools also feature short and tall backs to support the person’s spine while sitting.

Most of the bar stools feature artistic accents, such as scroll work and decorative leaves. Some are constructed from sturdy steel. The stools can fit a Mediterranean-style bar design, or as an alternative, a kitchenette with a similar style. Whether they were made with iron, steel or wood, the bar stools have a swivel seat for additional comfort, convenience and style.

Individuals can enjoy drinking their choice of beer, wine, or liquor while conversing with a friend or date, and at the same time, move around in their seats with ease when they need to. Underneath the seats of Hillsdale bar stools, a set of suspension springs and a sturdy neck exist for safety.