High End Bar Stools

high end bar stoolsHigh end bar stools come in different colors, and sizes and they can elegantly complement any side table or bar. These stools are regarded as a luxurious and fashionable type of seating. They are available in many designer type leathers and fabrics that are appealing to the eyes. This article covers crucial tips on choosing the right high end bar stools, while putting more emphasis on quality and height.

Choosing High End Bar stools

When shopping for high end bar stools, there are several things that you should consider. These include the type of materials used in designing the bar stools’ head rests, backrests, armrests, seat, legs, footrests and other features such as the stool’s ability to move upward or swivel.

Furthermore, selecting a luxury barstool with an appropriate height is crucial. After all, what could be the importance for going for a high end bar stool when your legs can not properly fit under your counter or your head hangs below the counter?

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Determining the Right Height for Your High End Bar Stools

Choosing the right high end bar stool for your office or home does not involve any form of rocket science. To help you choose the right height for your bar stool follow these easy steps outlined below.

  1. Accurately measure your counter or bar table by finding the length from the table’s top to the floor. A perfect bar stool for your counter will give a difference of between 12 to 10 inches between the counter’s top and the stool’s seat. For instance, if the high end bar stool is 36-inch tall, this height will be perfect for a counter measuring 48-46 inches from the floor.
  2. Always remember to measure the counter/table’s overhang. This includes the measurements between the lowest part in the table’s sides and the top part of the table. Table/counters with wide overhangs may require a specific bar stool height. For instance, a 34 inch stool may look ideal for a 44 inch counter, however, if the overhangs measurements add up to 6 inches then a 32 inch bar stool may be appropriate and more comfortable for this counter.

Now you are well acquitted with the necessary skills to help you do the math wherever you are looking for high end bar stools. You are now ready to choose the ideal height for your bar stool.

Appropriate High End Bar Stools That Fit Your Needs

Height can be used to classify bar stools according to their uses. Dining height bar stools are appropriate for dining tables that measure between 28-30 inches in height. Ideally, if going for high end bar stools for your dinning table you may go for a backless bar stool that measures approximately 18 inches. On the other hand, most counters have a height of between 35-38 inches. These heights are popular with many entertainment zones such as pubs, kitchen islands and casual dining surroundings. High end bar stools in the 24-26 inch height range are appropriate for such counters.

Some bar tables generally measure 40-42 inches in height. In such instances, high end bar stools ranging between 28-30 inches in height will be appropriate. These stools are mostly used in counter setups found in pubs and home bars. The last set of high end bar stools are those used for extra tall counters that measure 45 to 48 inches. Bar stools used for such tall counters are commonly known as spectator height barstools, and they range from 32 to 34 inches. These types of high end bar stools are a fantastic addition to pool halls, restaurants, bowling alleys and home bars.