Harley Davidson Bar Stools

cheap Harley Davidson bar stoolsHarley Davidson is a true American success story, and there is no better way to show your support than with Harley Davidson bar stools to decorate your home, club, or business. The Harley Davidson motorcycle is synonymous with the open road, freedom and the sturdiness of America. It is only fitting that the same be said about any thing that bares the Harley Davidson logo.

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Logo Variations

The Bar and Shield logo of Harley Davidson represents the ruggedness that people expect from a Harley. For over a hundred years, this logo has been recognized by all walks of life. While there are certain liberties taken to modify the logo, they all carry the trade mark of the bar and shield. Common variations of the logo include an American Eagle above or below the bar and shield.

Another common version flanks the logo with extended wings. Other variations may include a veining set of roses that scroll from the lower portion of the logo. With all of these different images, there is no trouble finding the Harley Davidson bar stool that fits your personality and that of your room’s design.

Logo Placement

Like most other custom bar stools, there are a wide range of logo placement options for Harley Davidson bar stools. Most of these will depend on the style of the bar stool. For the classic round top, the most common placement is on the top of the seat. Seats with back support have more options. The logo may be on the support side, or it could be on the back end. Many prefer the last option because it proudly displays the logo, even when someone is using the bar stool.

The materials used to create the logo can be just as important as the logo itself. Logos can be directly embroidered, carved, stitched on as a patch or may even be a metal plate. The options are important because some are more durable than others, and there is always a difference in cost. Carefully research which style is best suited to your budget, use and design.

Design of Harley Davidson Bar Stools

Just like it’s name sake, Harley Davidson bar stools should be designed with the highest quality. While there is a wide range of designs, they will all bear certain common design elements. Most of the bar stools will have a broad footprint, or leg spacing, to provide for stability and comfort. The materials may range from wood to brushed stainless steel. Usually there are different combinations used to make a seemingly limitless series of options. The seat should be of special consideration. Standard round top seats are common place and so are the back support seats. For a truly unique touch, consider having the traditional seat replaced with a wide saddle seat for comfort. This is the same style found on most of the original Harley Davidson. What better way to show off Harley Davidson bar stools.

Harley Davidson knows quality, and they will only license their logo to be placed on the best quality of gear. Carefully consider the budget, designs and your own interior design to find the right Harley Davidson bar stools to fit your needs.