Extra Tall Bar Stools

extra tall bar stoolsExtra tall bar stools are becoming more and more popular these days and you can see the evidence of this rise in popularity in just about every bar or restaurant you set foot in. Why are they so popular though? One reason could be that there is a trend for higher counter tops to be fitted into bars and restaurants and even in modern homes.

However, there’s more to the popularity of extra tall bar stools than just having a higher counter top. You will notice that when customers enter a bar, these bar stools are without doubt the first seats to be occupied. One reason for this could be that they offer a better view of the surroundings because of their elevated position.

This elevated seating also allows you to stretch your legs if you like, while also having rungs or footrests for those of us who have shorter legs. Have you ever seen a cooler looking extra tall bar stool than that powder blue model from Amisco?

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The Choice is Yours

Once you have decided you want to go with extra tall bar stools, then choosing them takes a little more thought than a normal height bar stool. Very tall bar stools can actually fall over quite easily in some instances so you need to think a little about the stool’s center of gravity. This is especially true if you have young children at home.

When choosing extra tall bar stools, probably the most important aspect to think about is the height. Other things to think about are the materials in which its constructed from and the level of comfort. However, if you don’t get the height correct, your guests or customers simply won’t be comfortable.

First consider that a bar stool is designed to leave 8 to 12 inches or so from the seat to the underneath of the counter top so base the height of the bar stool on the area you will be putting them in rather than finding out you can’t adjust the counter height to the bar stool. We are all different shapes and sizes and this measurement will allow most people to be comfortable.

Types of Extra Tall Bar Stools

Bar stools are available in a very wide range of styles and materials. It would be impossible to have a stool that every single person is going to be happy with. Many people like the comfort of bar stools with backs, yet someone who operates a bar may prefer the convenience of backless bar stools that can be easily stored under the bar counter. Many bar stools are fixed or stationary like a chair that has longer legs, while others can swivel which makes it easy to get on, off, or socialize with those around you.

You will also discover they come in a wide range of shapes such as round, rectangular, or square. The actual frame of the stool could be the same shape as the seat or different, which means that the seat could be round while the bars stool legs are arranged in a square shape. Chrome and vinyl retro stools are probably one of the more popular choices of extra tall bar stools, which remind us of the soda fountain stools of years gone by. The vinyl cushions on these stools are available in a wide variety of colors.


The materials used are just as wide and varied as the styles of bar stools available. Some popular materials for extra tall bar stools are leather, vinyl, suede, and cloth. While the legs and frame could be constructed from different types of wood or metal, some modern bar stools have PVC frames. No matter what style you are looking to achieve or match with, you should not have problems finding an extra high version of it, unless you have a need for something like the more uncommon 40 inch bar stools.

Before you go and order your bar stools, just give a little thought to what use they are going to be put to. Are you expecting the occasional light usage or heavy usage? Indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, you need to carefully consider the materials of the stool. As always, do your research first when shopping. Visit one of the many reputable online merchants of extra tall bar stools to purchase or simply wrote down prices before taking them to a local dealer.