Elite Bar Stools

If you are looking for the best in contemporary designs for your bar stools, then you owe it to yourself to look into the Elite bar stools line.

Elite produces the newest and most progressive designs in furniture and their bar stools are some of the most touted designs in the industry. Elite’s designers bring out the best cutting edge designs in all of their work, and their range of bar stools is no different.

Wide Range of Designs

Elite celebrates an incredible array of designs from the minimalist designs of the Edge series to the inspiring curves of the Eclipse line. The depth of colors and the marriage of different design elements make the Elite bar stools a highly sought after name.

Each design is an expression of sophistication. The designers, Carl Muller and Rick Lee, incorporate function, economy and contemporary design elements. Combined, they have over 150 designs have been released and have been highly praised.

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Elite Bar Stools Options

The bar stools produced by Elite offer a range of customizable options to make your selection personalized. Fabric options are available to fit different budgets and life styles. For a truly luxurious feel, leather is a perfect option.

Leather selections are carefully made for suppleness and quality. Elite’s own microfiber is also available, as well as two types of Ultrasuede. Color choices are also available and will vary depending on the model of the bar stool. The metal finishes are available in polished or brushed.

Hi Tech Comfort

Comfort is a design requirement for any bar stool to be approved by Elite. From carefully selected padding to the design of the back rest, comfort is never sacrificed. In available models, hydraulics are used to make sure that comfort is suited for each person.

Other designs allow control over the height manually. The traditional Manhattan is one of the few that is not adjustable, due to its steady four leg design. Designers have studied ergonomics to find the best location for the foot rest and back support. Keen attention to height and posture are part of every design approved by Elite.

Contemporary Design with Cost in Mind

Elite knows just how difficult that it is to get the perfect look. They are also very aware of budget. People will pass up beautifully designed furniture if the costs are too high, no matter how well made.

Elite bar stools works with the designers, factories and more to make sure that the contemporary look does not decimate the budget. Elite’s manufacturing division makes every effort to make sure that their products are reasonably priced by watching waste and increasing production efficiency.

Elite is among the finest in contemporary furniture manufacturers. Their designs are more than simply trendy. They are designed to last and keep their appeal for years to come. It is the economical marriage of design, function and comfort that makes Elite one of the top brands. So when you are in the market for a new look for your home or business bar, look to Elite bar stools.