Designer Bar Stools

designer bar stoolsDesigner bar stools can make quite an impact on the overall appearance of your home or commercial bar. Although they may cost a bit more, they bring a feel of class and/or personality to any room or bar. There are many different types of designer barstools. This means it is quite simple to find materials, fabric, colors, and patterns on the bar stools that will compliment your style or decor.

A Smart Investment

If you are a commercial bar owner, comfortable and stylish bar stools such as those from American Heritage Billiards can literally bring in more business. Customers notice when business owners put extra effort in making their guests comfortable. When customers feel taken care of, they buy more and tip more.

If you are considering purchasing designer bar stools for your home bar or as a part of a kitchen ensemble, keep in mind that with proper care, well-crafted designer bar stools will last a long time. They will also be the centerpiece of a well decorated room.


If you’re going for comfort, consider designer bar stools made from metal with soft black cushions. They have a very modern look and work with many pieces of furniture. Bar stools with backs, as opposed to backless stools, offer more comfort for drinkers and diners. Having a back also opens the stool up to many more design options.

Ladder-back or slotted-back designer stools are quite striking in appearance and also give off a modern, artistic feel. Also, red cushions with a warm toned designer wood frame are a popular choice in many bars. They give off a warm, comfortable, almost antique feel. Designer bar stools that swivel are great for tight areas. All of these things are important to keep in mind when furnishing your home or commercial bar.

Make a Statement with Designer Bar Stools

Carolina Rustica has a great selection of unique designer bar stools. Some include ones made from woven wicker type material, and others from things like cast iron or wood. They even offer bar stools made from red leather, which could be a pleasantly different addition to any home or commercial bar.

Another great manufacturer is Holland. They have bar stools for every taste-from classic comfortable red-cushioned stools to modern designs with logos printed on them. While these designs may not be for everybody, they will definitely make an impression on customers, friends, and family members.

Designer bar stools are an exciting and pleasing addition to any home or commercial bar. They can tie together the elements of design in a room, make a bold design statement, and please customers or friends. There are designs to suit every need, from comfort to expressing one’s unique style, to swiveling stools that help save space. The possibilities with designer bar stools are endless, whether its a beach bar with a bohemian feel or an upper class establishment that needs furnished. In these ways and many more, designer bar stools are the perfect choice for anyone who needs to furnish their home or commercial bar.