Cowhide Bar Stools

Cowhide bar stools are a good choice as kitchen stools and for a Western style bar. It is easy to clean the stool by wiping and there is no danger of spill and stain.

The stool is super stylish, elegant, durable and practical. It is perfect for use in the kitchen and bars. The Wild West design of bar stool is a masterpiece of exquisite handcraft. Western décor furniture is unique and timeless. When people sit in this stool, it feels like sitting in a saddle.

It gives a grand feeling of the old west era and yesteryear charm along with a modern style. The stool has a hardwood frame. There is use of natural cow leather, which undergoes minimum processing. The cowhide is not bleached and colored.

Process of Making Cowhide Bar Stools

The process of making cowhide bar stools can be describes as follows.

  1. After the removal of cow’s skin, it is soaked in salt.
  2. Then the skin goes to the tannery where it undergoes tanning. This removes odor of the cow skin and prevents the hair from shedding.
  3. Then the Western design of bar stools made of wood are upholstered with this leather derived from the cowhide.
  4. In the stool, round shaped top tacks are made of metal which gives the bar stool look of a horse saddle placed on a western bar stool. In some stools, there is use of saddle horn on bar seat side for a horse saddle look.

Brands of Cowhide Bar Stools

cowhide bar stoolsSome types of cowhide bar stools are River Barstool, Sunburst, San Juan, Tucamcari, Pueblo Deluxe swivel, Sedona and Marisol bar stools. The seat, arms, backrest, top and bottom of these stools are made of cowhide.

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The round pub barstool has cowhide top and bottom that has initialed carving. The Texas deluxe barstool has cowhide seat and back with light oak finish. The Tewa barstool has seat with textile cushion and hide seat top. The seat cushion has hide studs and is available without studs. It also has swivel and upholstered arms.

The Colonial bar stool is all made of leather or hide. It has arms and swivel. The Marshall barstool has seat with textile cushion or wood. It has arms and swivel. The seat comes with hide studs and without studs. The hacienda barstool has a seat studded with cowhide cushion.

The Rio Grande stool has top seat made of cowhide and blue finish, carving and cushion seat made of textile. The Azteca stool has hide cushion studded top seat, walnut finish and Azteca carving along with a cushion seat made of textile. All these stools have a top seat and cushion studded with cowhide.

The Santa Fe stool has cowhide top seat and a finish of pickled white wash. It also has carving, upholstered arms and swivel. The seat height of these stools is 24 to 36 inches. The colors of cowhide used in these stools include brown, white and reddish brown.

All these cowhide bar stools are beautiful and give a warm look to a home or restaurant or a bar.