Charleston Forge Bar Stools

Charleston Forge bar stools stand out as the best quality of hand forged bar stools. These stools are manufactured in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains using high quality materials. The hand forged wrought iron bar stools come in various custom designs that can easily blend with your home bar’s theme.

Charleston Forge bar stools can even be custom colored to match other furniture in your home. This blog looks at some of the popular designs of Charleston Forge bar stools, materials used and the advantages that come along with purchasing these bar stools.

Varieties of Stools

Charles Forge Bar stools can in various classy, quality designs that are outlined below.

The Swivel Design

Charleston Forge bar stools

The trendy Etrusche Swivel Bar stool with arms is a high quality Charleston Forge bar stool with outstanding features. Its weave-back design is comfortable and supportive creating a nice casual feel.

Better still, this stool can be dressed up with a leather seat to enhance comfort. The most common stool in this category is the Savannah Bar stool.

Backless Design

One of the most popular designs used in Charleston Forge bar stools collection is the backless design. Under this category is the Shaker Backless Barstool that has Arches.

This wrought iron bar stool has transitional design features such as simple flowing lines, and it is also available without the arches on its leg supports.

The Non-Swivel Design

The unique, providence Non-Swivel barstool proves that simplicity can also enhance elegance. This Charleston Forge Bar stool has been on the market for years, and it still remains to be a popular low-priced model that can easily blend with the theme of any surrounding.

Tips on How to Buy Charleston Forge Bar Stools

When buying Charleston Forge bar stools, there are a few factors that you have to consider. Always keep in mind the theme of your bar room. This will help you select an appropriate style that fits into your bar d├ęcor without the need of additional customization, hence avoiding any further expenses.

Accurately take your bar table or counter measurements to help you ascertain the height of bar stools that you need. Go for quality, a bar stool that is worth its value. Do not go for a substandard stool at a cheaper or even expensive price. And finally, remember to check whether the manufacturer offers a warranty this will help you ascertain the quality and durability of your bar stool.

Why Charleston?

Charleston Forge bar stools are durable, comfortable and classy. They are available in many different selections of bright, colorful fabrics, leathers and frame finishes that are user friendly. These bar stools can be easily customized to suit your own style.

Apart from being as bar stools, they can also serve other functions within your home such as being used as counter stools in the kitchen, sitting stools when holding a family meeting around a high table and as spectator stools when having entertainment. They also come in various heights, and you are free to choose the height that perfectly fits your home bar counter.

Where to Buy Charleston Forge Bar Stools

Charleston Forge bar stools can be bought directly from the company, from local furniture dealers, Amazon, other online furniture retailers, and the company’s online store.