Bamboo Bar Stools

Bamboo bar stools are a simple way of you doing your part to help the environment and people are noticing that in doing so, they can have fantastic furniture at the same time. People like comfort and the warmth that bamboo offers and choose to furnish their homes with bamboo instead of metal which tends to be a cold material to use. There are quite a few reasons why bamboo is such an excellent choice for a bar stool material.

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Facts About Bamboo

Here are some interesting facts and things to know about bamboo. Bamboo is actually a type of grass that grows very quickly. And if you did not know, bamboo is not a tree. Unlike the normal 20 or so years that’s needed to harvest a tree, bamboo only takes 6 years to mature and to be harvested.

Some types of bamboo can grow as much as 3 inches in a 24 hour period. Bamboo can be found in any continent with the exception of Antarctica. It produces twice as much oxygen than a normal tree the same size. It’s the best choice for use as a green building material.

bamboo bar stools

When it comes to making bamboo bar stools some use the Moso bamboo plant. This single giant can be 7 inches in diameter and well over 70 feet tall. Building things such as bamboo bar stools that have excellent flexibility and strength, the Moso plant is the number one choice for builders.

It’s perfect for low cost and high quality bar stools. The beautiful design of bamboo bar stools shows how versatile bamboo can be. Bar stools made from bamboo can also be made with or with out the need for a back support. Look hard and you will even find a folding bar stool out of bamboo.

One bamboo is smaller than Moso and that’s black bamboo. Only growing to 30 feet, it is used as an ornamental in gardens. Being used in gardens for its beautiful shape and color make it popular. Bamboo, with its usual semi light color, also happens to grow as black bamboo as well.

Most individuals are very surprised at this finding. They had no clue that black bamboo is in fact black bamboo, and its not stained dyed to give it that dark look. If you are looking for a classy look, go with black bamboo for the rich dark color.

Black bamboo is used for making all kinds of bar stools from kitchen bar stools to swivel bar stools. Make the choice of any color or style bamboo bar stools as they always make an unique addition to your home.

Types of Bamboo Bar Stools

In the past, bar stools made from bamboo mostly were found in a “tiki” style, that’s no longer the case today. These days you will find bamboo furniture and not even know that it is really bamboo.

Homestyle makes a fabulous set of two handcrafted bamboo bar stools for a price anyone can afford. There are so many more newer designs showing up on the market because manufactures are starting to see the real potential of bamboo and its use as furniture.

Many people these days have their bedroom furniture made of bamboo, with contrasting table lamps to complete the look.  Bamboo is used to not only make furniture because it is such a versatile material to build with. Bamboo is used to make flooring, wall coverings, and clothing as well.

Bar stools made of bamboo have a simple elegance which makes them a nice feature for your home bar. Bamboo is a great alternative than most other woods because it is such an environmentally-friendly material to use.

They make it perfect to relax and spend some much needed time with friends or family inside or outside and enjoying a nice cold beverage on a summer night. No matter where you live, nothing compares to the stress reducing properties of natural bamboo. Adding a set of bamboo bar stools to your home or back yard is one of the best ways of bringing nature and peace into your life.