Adirondack Bar Stools

cheap adirondack bar stoolsAdirondack bar stools are quality commercial furniture made from recycled plastic that is fade resistant. The stool is suitable for use in kitchen, bar and outdoors. It is useful for eating meals in your kitchen bar or enjoying a conversation. The stool is available in many colors and suitable for matching with many styles of décor. Adirondack bar stools are perfect as outdoor furniture for a home.

It is possible to recreate the outdoor getaways like restaurants and spas in the backyard of a house, patio or porch by using these bar stools. The bar stool is also suitable for use as a poolside furniture. The stool gives a look of rustic environment.

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Main Advantages

The Adirondack bar stools do not need painting and are almost maintenance free. As the stool is made of plastic, it does not rot. It is resistant to salt water as well as chlorinated water. The base of the stool is made from stainless steel and it has a coating of Xylan. Thus, the stool is quite durable and lasts longer. Made from recycled materials, the bar stool is eco friendly and durable. It does not warp and fade.

It is comfortable and beautiful even when the climate is harsh and severe. It is sturdy, lightweight and maintenance free. The bar stool has a large slanted and angled back and a comfortable seat. The armrest of the stool is wide. Some parts of the stools are made of wide planks. The stool has quality fabrication. The stool is available in stationary as well as swivel styles.

Some Types of Adirondack bar Stools

Swivel Adirondack Bar Stool

The width of the stool is 25.25 inches, depth 22.5 inches, height 42 inches and weight 50 lbs. The stool is available in seven colors including white, purple, mango, Bahama blue and other colors. The cost of this stool is between $200-$300. One can also order a side table with the barstool. If you buy the bar stool and side table combo, most of the online retailers will ship for free.

Beach Front Bar Stools

  • Beachfront ADBS Adirondack bar stool– Made out of high density plastic with colors that are fade resistant, the Beachfront adirondack bar stool, like all Beach Front chairs, never needs new paint. Built to withstand salt water and harsh outdoor conditions, this bar stool will last a lifetime.
  • Beachfront classic bar stool by parpool-spa – This stool does not have splinters. The stool is easy to assemble and has four sections. It has a base made of stainless steel and nickel. The heads are color matched. There are no rusty screws. The stool is waterproof and is suitable for outdoor use all year long. The stool is manufactured from non-toxic and recyclable materials. The stool is heavy duty and can support extra weight. This bar stool is available along with matching accessories like footstools and benches as well as tables.
  • Beachfront contour bar stools – This stool has a traditional design with flat back. Its length is 30.25 inch, width 25 inch, height 55.5 inch and weight 60 lbs.
  • Beachfront swivel bar stool – The length of these swivel Adirondack bar stools is 16 inch, width 14.75 inch, height 33 inch and weight is 35 lbs.

Purchase any one of these amazing Adirondack bar stools and you will definitely be proud of your purchase as it is excellent value for your money and will add more style to your decor.