34 Inch Bar Stools

34 inch bar stoolsThere was a time when getting bar stools at 30 inches in height was perfectly fine, but these days, the standard is to buy 34 inch bar stools and the reasons go beyond just style. The very first thing to consider when getting a bar stool is the counter height since it’s obviously easier to change the height of bar stool than counter.

It would be a disaster to have a bar counter of only 40 inches and then going out and purchasing 36 inch bar stools. It simply wouldn’t give your legs enough room to fit unless you were a small child. For both comfort and style, 34 inch bar stools have become the norm.

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Why 34 Inch Bar Stools?

34 inch bar stools work best with counters standing at 45 inches high. This is the industry standard these days as far as the newer types of home bar counters are concerned. With a 34 in. height, the stools will allow the person sitting to be at the right distance from the counter table and their food or drink.

If the stool stood at only 30 inches, his face would be too close to the plate and counter surface. Good for extremely messy eaters; bad for most. This height also allows for the perfect spacing for the foot rails. This gives the person sitting ample space to swing their feet or to rest them on the foot rails without having to strain their legs.

34 Inch Bar Stool Choices

There are a lot of popular brands and types of stools to get, whether you are intending to use them for a small business or just for your own bar corner at home. If you are looking for a modern take on bar stools, consider the Winsome swivel bar stools that come in a variety of colors such as white, crimson and black. These stools are priced at around $70 but can usually be had for less at Amazon or other online retailers with free shipping.

There is also the Ray 34″ Backless bar stool with a titanium finish frame and a crocodile black cover. You can also find a lot of classical wood stools from Powell Furniture if you want something wooden, soft and classical in nature. Either way, what you are looking for usually falls under these categories: tall enough for a high counter (hence 34 inch bar stools are the suggested height), pleasing to look at and comfortable to sit on. Some of the best are firm in structure but soft in texture.

The nature of your stools will determine the overall look of your bar area. People will spend most of their time sitting on these chairs and they are big enough for people to notice the very moment they see the bar corner. This means the stools pretty much set the mood. When you get 34 inch bar stools of the right build, design, and material, you are already on the right path to creating a beautiful bar. With all the variety in choices given to you, all there is left to do is visit one of the many trusted online stores right now and check which 34 inch bar stools are right for you.