32 Inch Bar Stools

32 inch bar stoolsAlthough we know that it should just be common knowledge that for a standard-sized bar, you will also need to get standard 32 inch bar stools. That said, there are plenty of local bars and spots where they don’t seem to have any idea at all.

The standard height of a bar counter is around 46 inches, so getting a chair too short or too tall for it really causes discomfort not only for the body but for the eyes as well (aesthetically speaking).

The general rule is that there should be at least a 10 to 14 inch gap between the counter and the bar stool. So if it’s a standard sized bar at 42 to 46 inches, a 32 inch bar stool is the ideal height for the occasion.

Now while it is perfectly normal for owners to exert plenty of time, money, and effort into setting up a slick environment for the bar, they sometimes forget to actually consider the way the customer is going to be seated and all, failing to anticipate the experience that will be provided to patrons.

Now before we go ahead and turn this into a gripe article on proper bar stool consideration, let’s sway towards the answers instead. A 32-inch bar stool mated with a high back rest and proper foot rest will work quite well with a traditional bar counter style sporting a standard height.

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Types of 32 Inch Bar Stools Designs

Design-wise, 32 inch bar stools come in a variety of shapes and forms that guarantee you will have something perfect for your setup. Upholstered, plain, wood, metal, swivel and fixed, leather cushions and more – choose your own poison so to speak. But of course, it would be best for you stick to a theme so you won’t have too much of a mixed feel in your setup.

So if you have a smoke glass style bar counter, getting svelte metal or Lucite 32 inch bar stools will probably do the trick. Going tropical? Stick with wooden 32 inch bar stools with a bit of shine and glossy finish.

The Right Stool For The Right Job

Are 32 inch bar stools only meant for bar counters due to their size? The answer for that one is No, as there are plenty of other spots in your place that could be served well by 32 inch bar stools. In the kitchen for example, if the counter or table is about 44 inches in height, a 32 inch bar stool’s height will slip in nicely and give you cushion between the counter and seat.

For other areas, just make sure that the stool will not be awkward when in use and consider the task that will be done on that spot to get the correct estimate on gap size. Whatever styles and brands of 32 inch bar stools you are looking for, be sure to do your research and price comparisons online at some of the trusted merchants, such as the ones on this page, before you head out to a local retailer to text them out.