30 Inch Bar Stools

30 inch bar stools30 inch bar stools have become one of the most popular pieces of furniture across a variety of settings, mainly in homes but also in businesses. Most people even consider them as the standard size when it comes to bar stools. So exactly why are 30 inch bar stools considered as the standard height? The answer to this is quite simple.

Just as its name suggests, 30 inch bar stools are thirty inches in terms of height and if you take a look at most tables and counters that are found at homes, their standard height ranges from 40 to 44 inches. The industry standard is to allow approximately 12 inches of room from the top of a bar stool to the bottom of a table or counter.

Hence, 30 inch bar stools are the perfect height for most tables and counter tops. In addition to that, this height seems to work great with the human body’s natural make up in regards to the universally acceptable standard height.

Just like other bar stools, 30 inch bar stools have built-in foot rails and support beams that lie halfway between the floor and the seat. This allows a person a lot of places to rest their feet and take the pressure off their buttocks and thighs.

Designed for people of average height, 30 inch bar stools allow them to sit comfortably and for longer periods without experiencing back pain. One of the most popular and comfortable models is this solid wood Cappuccino with wheat back. It has been a best seller for many years now.

30 Inch Bar Stools in the Kitchen

These days, most home kitchens are built with an island or counter top of some sort. Because of this, most manufactures prefer making counters ranging from 40-44 inches as their standard height. This makes the 30 inch bar stool the most compatible with such counters since it leaves ample room for people’s legs under the overhang of the counter. Such a height also makes it quite comfortable for people to rest their elbows while having dinner or enjoying a drink.

In addition to this, breakfast bar counters which are approximately the same size as kitchen counters also work very well with the 30 inch bar stool. The space that remains between the overhang and the stool’s seat is approximately 10-15 inches. This is the perfect space for average people to fit their legs under the counters comfortably.

Restaurants and Pubs

When you visit any pub or restaurant, the 30 inch bar stool has always been a very common fixture. Due to its standard height, the 30 inch bar stool fits well with tables and counters in bars and restaurants. It is important to consider that in pubs and restaurants, tables usually sit a bit higher compared to the average height of dining tables.

Since these tables and counters are in the same range of size as kitchen and breakfast counters, 30 inch bar stools are a perfect fit for them. It allows someone enjoying his or her drink or meal to be in a comfortable seating position with plenty of leg room. While some modern bars are moving towards extra tall bar stools, some do not think the extra cost is worth it.

You will find a huge selection of this height of bar stools at local retailers as well as online stores. Remember to always do research and price comparisons of various 30 inch bar stools online even if you decide to purchase locally.