26 Inch Bar Stools

buy 26 inch bar stools

Fairly new, 26 inch bar stools are specifically designed for use in counter heights of 36 to 38 inches. These bar stools are specifically meant for use in kitchen counters, more so where there is no extra room for contemporary chairs and tables. They can also be used in kitchen islands, considering the fact that the island has the same height as that of regular-sized kitchen tables and not any taller.

Types of 26 Inch Bar Stools

There are different types of 26 inch bar stools such as leather bar stools, folding barstools, adjustable height bar stools, stools with backrests and those without, those with and without armrests, those with sold or upholstered seats and finally those that are stationary or swivel. These stools can also be made of metal or wood frames, and they can be unfinished or finished.

26 inch bar stools can be made of wood (such as maple, cherry, or oak), metal or a combination of both wood and metal. They also have many staining options to choose from such as vinyl, leather, and fabric for the seats.

Advantages of 26 Inch Counter Height Bar Stools

Many people appreciate the advantages of having beautiful kitchens, and this is reflected by the popularity of bar stools at 26 inches in height are earning. Apart from providing you with a comfortable place in the kitchen, these bar stools are functional, classy and elegant; hence, they can easily fit into your interior decorating scheme.

Apart from being used in the kitchen area, these bar stools can be used at your breakfast table, in children’s tables during parties and also for adult fun parties. In fact, they are highly regarded as spectator stools. Swivel 26 inch bar stools in particular make it easy for you to turn around and do your things while in the kitchen or talk to your friends while they are busy cooking. More often than not, they provide the necessary comfort needed in the kitchen, and you can cook while having fun with your friends.

When these bar stools are placed at the breakfast nook or bar, they can be used when entertaining your friends who enjoy staying in the kitchen and giving the chef company. This helps eliminate the problem of staying lonely in the kitchen when you are the host, and you have to prepare meals.

What to Consider When Buying Cheap 26 Inch Bar Stools

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying discount 26 inch bar stools is the function for which you are buying them. Always keep in mind that bar stools of this height are appropriate for counters measuring 36-38 inches. Therefore, the tables may be perfectly used in the kitchen area or in the breakfast bar.

If you are not sure about the dimensions of your breakfast bar or kitchen counter, take measurements before buying the stools. Durability and compatibility are just as important as all other factors that you have to consider. It is good to budget for your bar stools well in advance. You should not splurge too much on low quality furniture or purchase substandard furniture at a lower price.

If you have unique preferences, look for dealers and manufacturers who offer customized options at a slightly high cost. Do a thorough research if you need custom 26 inch bar stools with specific fabric. Remember, your choice of stools should blend with the theme of your kitchen or breakfast bar. Finally, countercheck to ensure that your 26 inch bar stools come with a warranty and on delivery of your furniture check out for unpolished surfaces or broken edges.